Deep Cleaning Services


Our Deep Clening Cleaning Services Cover it All

From everyday housekeeping to routine cleanings and seasonal services, our professional team members can provide you with an unrivaled experience. 

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Deep Cleaning Services

Why Deep Clean?

A deep clean is designed to get your home as clean as possible, allowing extra time, attention, and elbow-grease to more thoroughly remove the dust and dirt that accumulates in overlooked or neglected areas over time. It is usually a first - or one-time service to get a home up to par before ongoing maintenance cleanings can be scheduled.


Every home has a few trouble spots that tend to get the worst of the dust, dirt, and grime. These areas are often out of sight or difficult to reach, and it’s easy to overlook or rush past these spots when cleaning yourself. But these trouble spots can cause issues such as health or pest problems, so it is important to be sure they are properly addressed.


 One-Time cleaning

 Time-tested techniques


We are happy to accommodate special needs or requests. Please just let us know!

What Are The Benefits Of A Deep Clean?


 Eliminate Viruses And Bacteria

 Improve Air Quality

 Control Pests


 Carpet Vacuuming

 Whole House / Office

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When it comes time to hire a housekeeping company, don’t even think about calling a typical maid service. Contact the professionals at Polish Maids for the best house cleaning services!

Why Select A Deep Clean Instead Of A Standard Clean?

Standard Cleanings or Custom Cleaning?

Chicago or Naples standard cleanings are designed to maintain a home that is already at a high standard of cleanliness, but a deep cleaning is what’s needed to get your home up to that standard in the first place. For this reason, deep cleaning services include special tasks that are not included in a standard cleaning.

We recommend a deep clean to all of our first-time customers or to anyone who hasn’t hired a professional cleaner recently so that we can be sure those trouble-spots within your home are addressed and it is free of the dust, dirt, and grime that generally collects there. Once your home has received the attention it needs from a deep clean, maintaining a spotless home is easier and more effective with routine standard cleanings.

Eliminate Viruses And Bacteria

While most standard cleanings include only a quick wipe down which will keep germs away for a short time, a deep clean will eliminate unwanted bacteria and viruses completely because it allows more time for scrubbing, disinfecting, and addressing those tougher-to-clean spots.


 Kitchen Cleaning – Our team of cleaners will thoroughly scrub the kitchen counters, scour sinks, and clean the exterior of appliances and cabinets.

 Bathroom Cleaning – Enjoy a relaxing bath after Polish Maids completely scours and sanitizes sinks, bowls, showers, tubs, tiles, and mirrors.

 Carpet Cleaning – We use two different types of vacuums to achieve the deepest clean possible.

 Hard Floor Cleaning – Your tile, vinyl, marble, and hardwood floors will shine like new once they are vacuumed and then hand-washed.




Polish Maids Deep Cleaning Mission Is

To treat every place or item as if it is our own so we can provide quality cleaning services.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best results.

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